earbrowse.com was designed to connect hearing aid shoppers with local, independent hearing healthcare professionals.

We created our platform because we think buying local still means something.

Instead of disrupting with the intent to eliminate the middleman (hearing providers), our site helps hearing aid shoppers find innovative hearing providers in their own communities!

Every patient deserves an expert, top rated hearing provider. We partnered with independent hearing professionals because we know it’s their high quality service that determines the success of hearing aid fittings.

The earbrowse platform is mutually beneficial, bringing together hearing aid shoppers, browsing product and pricing information, with local hearing professionals, committed to delivering exceptional care with upfront and transparent pricing.

Our mission is to give you everything you need to know, want to know and deserve to know to ensure you get the right hearing aid at the best price without sacrificing service! 

We believe complete autonomy, with no restrictions or limitations, is necessary for market innovation. Our site is independently owned and we are determined to ensure the hearing industry is too.

Brand name hearing aids. Local service. Transparent pricing. 

It’s all hear.