Hearing loss is unusual. When hearing declines, instead of wearing a hearing aid, individuals with hearing loss simply turn up the television, ask people to repeat themselves and in some instances avoid social settings entirely. It’s a condition where the affected individual is often the last to recognize the symptoms. 

Studies show individuals with hearing loss wait on average five to seven years before pursuing treatment. It seems baffling, but from a patient’s perspective, it makes sense. You don’t often encounter an individual eager to wear hearing aids. They’re expensive, have a negative stigma, and are not a perfect solution  

To a certain extent there is some validity to those claims. After all, it is an aid, not a remedy. For patients, maintaining realistic expectations is difficult when hearing aids cost a few thousand dollars.  


The limitations of hearing aids are frustrating and the process of purchasing adds to that frustration. Different names for the same features, generic technology levels, and wildly varying price points have resulted in a perception of distrust in the hearing industry.  


Enter earbrowse, a company on a mission to simplify hearing and connect hearing aid shoppers to innovative, local hearing providers. 


Earbrowse was founded with a single, unwavering objective: to give you everything you need to know, want to know and deserve to know to ensure you get the right hearing aid at the best price.  


Our open comparison platform is filled with easy-to-use information - and free of confusing hearing aid terminology. And, by partnering with providers who share our commitment to full transparency, we can ensure that every decision you make about your hearing aid - is an informed one. 


35 million Americans suffer from a hearing loss. You’re not alone. And now, you’ll never feel as if you are. 


The difficult work is done. All you have to do is browse.