The hearing industry is product driven. You might have heard the term bundled or unbundled. Bundled pricing occurs in approximately 90% of practices in the United States. In a bundled hearing aid pricing model, the provider sells a hearing aid with service included in the price. Unbundled pricing differentiates product from service. Although bundled pricing is prevalent, each model has its benefits and consequently affects the underlying cost.  

When purchasing a hearing aid, be sure to understand the difference and know the pricing structure of the practice you choose for your hearing healthcare! 


In a bundled model, the price range for hearing aids is vast. It’s common to be quoted anywhere from $1000 to $4000 per ear depending on the level of technology. Manufacturer warranties and service are often included in the purchase price. If you happen to relocatemanufacturer warranties remain intact, although you might be charged an office visit.  


The bundled model is beneficial for individuals expecting to make frequent visits to the hearing provider.  


For patients that tend to avoid the doctor, a bundled pricing structure might result in paying for service you never use. Unbundled pricing allows patients requiring less service to achieve significant upfront savings. 


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