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Bundled versus unbundled pricing. 

The hearing industry is unique. Unlike optometry and dentistry, hearing providers often focus and rely on the sale of hearing aids to drive their businesses. Instead of promoting diagnostic ability and technological expertise, providers often sell a device and include on-going service with the purchase (Bundled Pricing). The result is a product-focused consumer that fails to recognize the value of the provided service.  


Introducing earbrowse.

Hearing loss is unusual. When hearing declines, instead of wearing a hearing aid, individuals with hearing loss simply turn up the television, ask people to repeat themselves and in some instances avoid social settings entirely. It’s a condition where the affected individual is often the last to recognize the symptoms. 

Hearing aid cost.

The hearing industry is product driven. You might have heard the term bundled or unbundled. Bundled pricing occurs in approximately 90% of practices in the United States. In a bundled hearing aid pricing model, the provider sells a hearing aid with service included in the price. Unbundled pricing differentiates product from service. Although bundled pricing is prevalent, each model has its benefits and consequently affects the underlying cost.  

Hearing aid aesthetics

In this post we’ll take a look at hearing aid styles. Depending on the individual, this tends to be either the most or least important aspect in the decision-making process.  

Vanity is a legitimate concern. We get it and completely understand if you're checking yourself out in the mirror every morning when you put the hearing device in! :D  

Hearing aid features.

When you’re deciding on a hearing aid, and the hearing provider shows you the price chart, how prepared are you to make an informed decision? Are you a good candidate for top of the line hearing aids or could you do well with relatively basic technology and save a few bucks? Do you know the brand? Are you familiar with the manufacturer’s features? Were you quoted a fair price?  

Why earbrowse? was designed to connect hearing aid shoppers with local, independent hearing healthcare professionals.

We created our platform because we think buying local still means something.

Instead of disrupting with the intent to eliminate the middleman (hearing providers), our site helps hearing aid shoppers find innovative hearing providers in their own communities!

Every patient deserves an expert, top rated hearing provider. We partnered with independent hearing professionals because we know it’s their high quality service that determines the success of hearing aid fittings.

The earbrowse platform is mutually beneficial, bringing together hearing aid shoppers, browsing product and pricing information, with local hearing professionals, committed to delivering exceptional care with upfront and transparent pricing.

Our mission is to give you everything you need to know, want to know and deserve to know to ensure you get the right hearing aid at the best price without sacrificing service! 

We believe complete autonomy, with no restrictions or limitations, is necessary for market innovation. Our site is independently owned and we are determined to ensure the hearing industry is too.

Brand name hearing aids. Local service. Transparent pricing. 

It’s all hear.

How to find the perfect hearing device.

The hearing industry is full of confusing hearing terminology. Manufacturers have different names for the same features and providers lump hearing aids into technology levels making it nearly impossible for consumers to compare brands, models and prices apples to apples. 


Our next few posts will discuss each component hearing providers use to recommend hearing aids and evaluate factors critical to making an informed decision. 


How to buy hearing aids on earbrowse.


  1. Test your hearing. A good fit begins with an accurate prescription! 
  2. Consult a hearing professional to discuss your options.
  3. Find the recommended hearing aid on
  4. Browse listings from local hearing providers.
  5. Purchase your hearing device using our secure platform.
  6. Smile. You helped support a local, small business in your community! 
  7. Provider contacts you to schedule a fitting appointment.
  8. Show up for your appointment and walk out with better hearing! 
  9. Rate your hearing aids and review your hearing professional to help others on earbrowse make an informed decision!  

35 million Americans suffer from a hearing loss. You’re not alone. And now, you’ll never feel as if you are.  

The difficult work is done. All you have to do is browse.